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Shipping & Returns

We provide customers with fast, happy shopping. International shipping is the international aviation EMS courier company, DHL, TNT processing. Delivery times vary depending on the destination.

As usual, your order will be in the post, we receive your payment and confirm the shipping address shipped within 1-3 business days. Typically, the shipping period is 7-14 days. All the packaging needs to be signed. If none of them are delivered at home, the local post office or courier company may hold your bag for a while to avoid. We will notify you by email. Please pay attention to the status of monitoring. If you do not know. The package will be returned to the sender. At the same time, we can not cover costs. Thank you

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We only accept returns for 3 reasons.
1. Wrong project sent
2. Defective project

The reason for the unacceptable exchange is: I ordered the wrong size, the picture in the project looks different, the colors are brighter or darker in the picture, I changed my mind with the current order, I want a different order, and so on.

Please provide the correct address E post. We will be through e-mail, the package sent to do everything possible to contact you. Or, if the customer returns.The package will charge 35USD / year for transportation costs.

Once you have received the wrong item or defective item, we will receive the product within 24-48 hours to qualify for a return or replacement within the response. If you can not ask for timely notification, we will not allow returns or replacement. All returns must be authorized

To obtain an authorized return, you must contact the customer to obtain a return on the authorization information. All items must be in the original state, ie do not wear, modify or wash back. All the original tags must still be connected. If we return an unauthorized object, we will refuse to accept or not refund.

* The physical harm caused by the user's product does not apply to this policy.

Tips: shipped back so that we can get faster and then fix it as soon as possible the best way

. Order Cancel:

The order must be requested to cancel the order shipped. As soon as we process orders for orderss within 6-8 hours of arrival, we are not always able to place orders after cancellation. Hope yoou can be understood at this key point. After the cancellation request, the order has been dispatched according to the return policy.


We do not involve the return shipping costs, will be responsible for the return shipping and shipping costs and handling consignment of goods back to you. We recommend that you send items to us when you are safe, add tracking and insurance, as we can not be responsible for lost shipments. Shipping and charges are not refundable.

Our online store has the right to check the items returned to determine whether the product has been consumed, used or modified. If the returned item is not in a resellable position, shipping charges will be charged to the customer's credit card, and the item will be returned to the customer. The buyer pays the shipping fee to the product and the freight will be added to all the exchanges. Refunds will be posted to the credit card on the return of the document immediately after entry into force.